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Telescopic Booms

More Ways to Achieve Reach with Your Excavator

Recently C. Norris Manufacturing has expanded its product line by partnering with First Square Equipment in the United Kingdom to develop and manufacture telescopic booms and sticks. We now construct models that reach anywhere between 15 and 30 meters deep and can be installed on 30-90 ton hydraulic excavators. Custom sliding cabs are also available to increase your operator’s visibility.

Additional Options:

• Custom sliding cabs (6’ forward)
• Additional counterweight to fit to your machine
• Camera system linking back to your operator
• Clamshell attachments for both digging and re-handling material




Cat321D.jpg DSC02594.jpg
DSC02613.jpg DSC02620.jpg


teledipper070511b.jpgSample Drawing

100' Telescopic Boom - Komatsu PC600

KomatsuPC_1.jpg KomatsuPC600_2.jpg


TD Riyadh Site 5.jpg PacWest TD Fitted R.jpg