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Low Ground Pressure

C. Norris Manufacturing has applied its expertise and experience to develop the super low ground pressure excavator. This machine was developed for work in areas where minimum damage to foliage is required such as coastal swamps and wetland areas and will work in areas where minimal ground pressure is required. With less than 2 psi. ground pressure, our machines will travel through and work in areas where standard excavators cannot. Unlike amphibious excavators, these machines weigh less, have a smaller footprint and are designed to travel without damage to the undercarriage. The super low ground pressure excavator will go where no standard excavator has gone before…

Mosquito Control Applications

• Mosquito control is the primary use for Low Ground Pressure excavators
• Custom wide tracks, longer bodies, and specialized waterproof features take you into wet, muddy areas a lot of standard machines can’t reach while leaving a minimal track print.

Advantages of our LGP Undercarriage Conversions

• Custom-engineered wide track pads and a longer body reduces overall machine pressure
• 2 psi ground pressure or less is a standard feature for all of our LGP undercarriages
• Due to the overall reduced weight of the machine, you’ll save on transportation costs
• Curved-end track pads minimize damage to foliage leaving less trace of operation

Other Attachments Offered

• Custom long reach arms available for any excavator to achieve a greater working range
• Bulldozer Blade • Hydraulic Winch • Rotating Clam Bucket • Standard Bucket • Hydraulic Ditcher • Power Tilt Ditching Bucket

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